Since their meeting on the benches of the École du Louvre in Paris, Marisa Osorio Farinha and Philippe Chupin have created their own world around lifestyle and especially tableware.

Marisa Osorio Farinha

Today I enjoy knowing how to make objects, how to observe, how to assemble lines and colours. I always work with passion to imagine new collections for SIÈCLE Paris often through new techniques. Since 2014, I have been rediscovering my country, Portugal, where I am now working on a new project - the House of Birds - which allows me to fulfill the dream of a complete achievement, from hand-painted frescoes to ceramics, printed linen together with vintage and contemporary furniture without forgetting the ever present fine tableware.

Philippe Chupin

It was with the Louvre School between 1977 and 1981, then the Institute of Gemology of Paris that I learned to understand Art and Decorative Arts, a trip back in time with the history of styles. I am still developing new creations for SIÈCLE today, I also enjoy promoting artists as we do occasionally. I also like social networks and especially Instagram where I enjoy keeping in touch with our long time followers.