Host around the barbecue

Published on Thursday, June 15, 2023

Always informal, the barbecue is a good solution for bringing friends together in the garden, and it is also a source of good humor and entertainment, if everything is well prepared!
We can even then decide that each guest, if he wishes, cooks himself what he has chosen. To do this, everyone must have as much ready-to-cook food as possible, skewers, small sausages, pieces of chicken or meat marinated with the desired aromatic herbs, on a small, stable table nearby.

It is possible to improvise a barbecue on the ground, between several stacked bricks, the grill on feet being placed on a large metal plate to protect the gravel.
The general and good-natured atmosphere of the garden often lends itself to this, but you may prefer a more orthodox solution.

Never forget that the fire must always be prepared well in advance by a real specialist, and that the cooking tools, picks or tongs must be close to the fire. And we will of course take great care to carefully choose the place for the barbecue, so as not to smoke all the guests, because of an accidentally changing wind...