Set for 6 - Kérylos cutlery

3 000,00 €

Made in France

Découvrez un style à part : A nod in "Côte d'Azur"
Delivery time: Between 3 weeks and a month


In spite of its contemporary look, this design is actually an inspiration of the 1930's. See the shape of the handle and the light colour of the xood xhich was very fashionnable at the time. It was first intriduced at the 1937 Paris International Arts and Technical Exhibition.

More details

Composition of the set of 24 cutlery

  • 6 dinner knives
  • 6 table forks
  • 6 dessert spoons
  • 6 coffee/tea spoons
  • 2 cases in antioxidant felt for 12 cutlery

Composition of the set of 36 cutlery

  • 6 dinner knives
  • 6 table forks
  • 6 table spoons
  • 6 dessert knives
  • 6 dessert forks
  • 6 dessert spoons
  • 3 cases in antioxidant felt for 12 cutlery

Material and style

  • Boxwood handle. This hard  and finely grained precious wood takes on a distinctly charasteristic golden colour with age.
  • Ferrule in brass with a fine shell motif.
  • Cutlery heads and ferrule silver plated at 33 microns. This weight of silver authorizes the use of the "Poinçon Carré". Quality 1.
  • Knife blade in forged and tempered steel treated "mirror polished".


Not dishwasher-safe, although the wood is hardwearing and entierly stain resistant due to the fine wood-grain (despite its light colour).

Size : Table knife 24 cm long, Dessert knife 20,5 cm long
         Table fork 21,5 cm long, Dessert fork 20 cm long
         Table spoon 21 cm long, Dessert spoon 20cm long, Mocha spoon 15 cm de long
Weight : +/- 530 g per set of 7 different pieces