Set for 6 - Palmier cutlery

3 180,00 €

Made in France

Découvrez un style à part : Under the tropics
Delivery time: Between 3 weeks and a month


Palm wood, made fashionable in the 1930s by the craze for exotic woods from Africa and Indochina, has an extremely decorative effect due to its perfectly marked brown and beige veins.

More details

Composition of the set of 24 cutlery

  • 6 dinner knives
  • 6 table forks
  • 6 dessert spoons
  • 6 coffee/tea spoons
  • 2 cases in antioxidant felt for 12 cutlery

Composition of the set of 36 cutlery

  • 6 dinner knives
  • 6 table forks
  • 6 table spoons
  • 6 dessert knives
  • 6 dessert forks
  • 6 dessert spoons
  • 3 cases in antioxidant felt for 12 cutlery

Material and style

  • Handle made of streaked Asian palm tree wood, prizedfor its lightness and the finesse of its grain. It is carved in a traditional shape that hishlights the wood texture. Observe the interesting cross section at the base of the handle.
  • Silver bronze ferrule, decorated with four metal spheres acting as blade holders. The wax melting technique, as used in the art of jewelry and sculpture for the finesse of its details is also used here.
  • Silver cutlery heads and ferrule at 33 microns. This weight of silver authorizes the use of the "Poinçon Carré". Quality 1.


No dishwasher to preserve the beauty of the wood.

Dimensions: Table spoon  21,5 cm long, dessert spoon 19,5 long, coffee spoon 16,5 cm long, mocha spoon 13,5 cm long. 
Weight: +/- 75 g per table cutelry