Set for 6 - Rambouillet cutlery

3 660,00 €

Made in France

Découvrez un style à part : Charm of Rambouillet
Delivery time: Between 3 weeks and a month


Simplicity of form and elegance of a detail : The handle of this flatware is decorated with a ram's head, echo of the so sophisticated dairy of Queen Marie Antoinette at Rambouillet. All the light flavour and grace of the French 18th century.

More details

Composition of the set of 24 cutlery

  • 6 dinner knives
  • 6 table forks
  • 6 dessert spoons
  • 6 coffee/tea spoons
  • 2 cases in antioxidant felt for 12 cutlery

Composition of the set of 36 cutlery

  • 6 dinner knives
  • 6 table forks
  • 6 table spoons
  • 6 dessert knives
  • 6 dessert forks
  • 6 dessert spoons
  • 3 cases in antioxidant felt for 12 cutlery


Material and style

  • On special order or in limited series, the handle can be supplied in snakewood, a very precious wood from South America finely speckled and nicknamed "Panther Skin" or in Ebony from Gabon.
  • Snakewood and Ebony must dry for 8 years before being worked.
  • Ferrule in brass decorated with fine pearls, handle topped with  a ram's head both silvered at 33 microns.
  • This weight of silver authorizes the use of the "Poinçon Carré". Quality 1.
  • Knife blade in forged and tempered steel with "mirror polish" treatment.


Horn or snakewood handles, noble and living materials, should never be put in the dishwasher. It is strongly recommended not to immerse the handles in water as this may cause the wood to split.

Dimensions: Table knife 25 cm long, Dessert knife 21,5 cm long
Weight: +/- 50 g per table cover