Galuchat snail fork in real leather

180,00 €

Made in France

Delivery time: Between 1 and 2 weeks


This exceptional model combines the true Galuchat or “Sharkskin” with silver-plated. The galuchat is ray-skin treated according to a tanning and dye process developed in the 18th century by M. Galluchat. It was first used, as decoration on a microscope presented to Madame de Pompadour, in 1930, the Art Deco style transformed it into a major decorative element for furniture and fashion accessories.

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Material and style

  • Rectangular "Art Deco" style handle sheathed in green-dyed Stingray skin, its most classic version. During the dyeing process, each skin absorbs the color differently, thus offering a color chart of the same green that signs the authenticity and beauty of this exceptional collection.
  • Ferrule in brass, adorned with 4 balls, obtained by the technique of lost wax casting (as used in the art of jewelry and sculpture for the finesse of its details).
  • Silver cutlery heads and ferrule at 33 microns. This weight of silver authorizes the use of the "Poinçon Carré". Quality 1.


As with all leathers, the immersion of the sleeves in water is strongly discouraged and would cause detachment. No dishwasher.

Dimensions:  15,5 cm long
Weight: +/- 30 g