Butterfly Cups in Porcelain

68,00 €

Made in France

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Delivery time: Between 1 and 2 weeks


The butterfly handle is entirely painted by hand. There are colours. And two cup sizes: Mocha and Coffee. Without under plate. SIECLE spilled (this is the expression used) its porcelain in Limoges, in old melds, or in our own melds; porcelains is then sent to a neighbouring workshop to receive a decoration, entirely hand-painted Limoges from our designs and colour game.

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Material and style

  • Porcelain molded and cast in Limoges (Label inscribed on the back of each piece)
  • Freehand painting and low-fire cooking


Small precious object perfectly resistant to use but which requires special attention to shocks.

Consider the fragility of cups handles. Do not put porcelain in the dishwasher, their glazes do not resist.

Size : Mocha size - 5 cm high, Tea size 6 cm high
Weight : Mocha - 60 g - Tea - 150 g